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The deadline for proposals is January 15 2023! Apply here

Conference fees: 


Early Bird €380 / Regular €460

  • extra cost of solidarity fee will be used to support participants from developing countries
Early Bird


  • March 16 – April 16


  • April 17 – May 31


  • March 16 – May 31
  • fee for participants from developing countries, especially undergraduate and graduate students

Please note that the conference fee includes access to all conference events, a lunch and two coffee breaks for each of the conference days. 

The conference will accept academic and non-academic presentations.

The academic sessions are divided into two types: Paper Presentations and Special Sessions. Paper Presentations last up to 15 mins and will be grouped together based on shared Thematic Streams into 90 mins blocks including discussions. Special Sessions take 90 mins and can take a form of pre-organized connected paper presentations, discussion panels, book presentations and the like. It is up to the proposers of the Session to gather the interested participants and to provide a brief description of the overall event for evaluation. It is preferable that you anonymise the description as much as possible (i.e. not naming the participants in the Abstract field). 

For non-academic presentations select the format “Non-academic Session” when submitting your proposal. These proposals by default take 90mins, but you can provide information on wishing a shorter time-slot in the programme in the Abstract or Submission notes fields. In the Abstract please describe what kind of event you are proposing (a workshop, a discussion panel, a practical demonstration of achievements and the like) and what added value you wish to bring to the conference. 

All sessions will be blind peer-reviewed to evaluate their merit to participate in the conference. All submitters will be invited to participate in the peer-review by reviewing approx. 3 other submissions for every submission they make. Academic sessions will also be reviewed by Expert Reviewers, whose review will contribute 50% to the final evaluation. 

Within the 12 thematic streams we will be discussing how to bring about change and how to build a believable future considering political strategies, cultural necessities, new alliances, values and more. 

Please  upload the  title  and  abstract  (250  words)  of  your presentation  by  January 15  2023  HERE  under the conference thematic streams.