After the Hague, Manchester, Malmö, Budapest, Leipzig, Venice, Barcelona and Paris, the 9th International Degrowth Conference is taking place in Zagreb in 2023.

It will sit at the heart of a broader Zagreb Degrowth Week, a free arts and conviviality festival realised in cooperation with neighbouring capitals.

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Photo by Eldar Nazarov on Unsplash

IMPORTANT: The entire SATURDAY program is taking place at CMR!

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Between the drying Mediterranean and the flooding Central Europe, between aging north and migrating south, between socialist plan and capitalist extraction ⤳

Photo by Ivan Vranić on Unsplash

⤳ how do we build a future we can believe in?

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What’s going on?

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Conference fees


Early Bird €380 / Regular €460

  • extra cost of solidarity fee will be used to support participants from developing countries
Early Bird


  • March 16 – April 16


  • April 17 – May 31


  • March 16 – May 31
  • fee for participants from developing countries, especially undergraduate and graduate students

Please note that the afternoon keynote lectures and the rest of afternoon sessions are FREE and open to everyone!

Conference thematic streams

Contemporary emancipatory internationalism: beyond peripheries, spheres of influence and afterlives of non-alignment
Resilience building through degrowth: new alliances and real solidarities
Feminist, decolonial, anti-racist and anti-ableist ecologies
Hegemonic worldviews and degrowth horizon
Artistic ecologies and eco-social practices
Degrowth in the year 2023: cold, bombed and persecuted
Degrowth as a political project?
Communicating degrowth within a consumerist common sense
Technology and science for degrowth
Climate (in)justice
Transformational climate politics – is neutrality achievable outside the overdeveloped regions? (METAR)
Alternative economies

Short introduction

What is degrowth?

Degrowth is a social movement and a research framework which advocates for a transition to sustainable and just forms of social organization.

Unlike the ideals of sustainable development, green growth, and green capitalism, degrowth insists that environmental stability and sustainability can only be achieved through a departure from the present growth-oriented global capitalist system.

The foundational insight of degrowth is that there cannot be endless growth on a finite planet.

What are international degrowth conferences?

International degrowth conferences have been taking place since 2008, when the first conference was organised in Paris. They are communal and convivial events where the theoretical, activist and political streams of the contemporary degrowth movement come together to exchange ideas, strategies and inspirations.

Who is the Zagreb conference for?

The conference and degrowth week will bring together activists, artists, academics, practitioners, political representatives, and the general public ⤳ everyone invested in possible pathways to care and resilience for people and the planet.

A bit of atmosphere from the Conference location (back in 2017) ⩺